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Day 21


Take a peaceful moment for yourself, prepare a cup of tea, pen & notebook and find a nice spot to sit in where you can be undisturbed for at least 30min-1h (take as much time you need). Aim to be as honest as you can, to take it as an opportunity to know yourself deeper and better so that you can show up to the world and to your beloved more true to your heart!

1.  What brings you greatest joy in relationships?

2.  What do you need to feel deep intimacy with someone?

3.  Which qualities/strengths do you have that support the fulfillment of your relationship?

4.  Which challenges/dilemmas do you bring into the relationship?

5.  What is a must for you in order to be fulfilled in your erotic experiences?

6.  How comfortable are you in sharing your needs, wishes, desires, dislikes related to your erotic life? Related to your emotional life?

7.  How do you react and what do you do when you are not fulfilled erotically, intimately? Do you tend to blame the other or yourself? Or you take it as an opportunity to learn and understand something about yourself, the other and the relationship?

8.  What messages were predominating in your life related to intimacy & eroticism as you grew up? And in what way did it influence you over time?

9.  What are your deep wishes, goals or ideals in connection to intimate relationships?

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