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Day 5

Couple goals
& needs

Clarifying your goals as a couple helps you to keep the direction your heart wishes for, and this is an important practice to do on a regular basis.


Sit down together in a quiet place. Reflect upon some goals for your relationship, for the coming three months and for the coming year.


What are three specific needs of your relationship in the coming three months that you need to work on? Then turn them into concrete goals.


What can you do together to fulfill these needs and goals? (Mention at least two things for each goal.)


It is recommended that you both take 5-10 min separately and reflect upon these questions and preferably write down a few things that you afterwards can share with the other one in order to find some conclusions together.

For example:


Taking more time for sensual intimacy

  1. Giving eachother weekly massage

  2. Prioritising dates and lovemaking

  3. Taking a tantra course for couples


Having more quality time together

  1. Cut out Netflix & chill for 3 months

  2. Go to once nice activity/week

  3. Phones off while being on a date


Healing resentments

  1. Go to couple therapy

  2. Practise forgivness

  3. Read book on forgiveness

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