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Day 9

Sense Journey

Senses are gates to the present moment. Prepare a plate with different objects for each of your senses (see list below).


Take turns giving and receiving.
Whoever is on the receiving end first sits blindfolded. The other one brings forward some of the scents and other objects. Aim to take them in consciously without judging, letting them anchor you into the present moment. Spend 3-5 minutes to appreciate each aroma. Then after a short awareness, continue with tasting. Taste without judging, slowly savoring the flavors, realizing you are HERE AND NOW. Spend around 5 minutes on this as well.

Then continue with loving touch, on the face, arms and palms. Be conscious of a deeper awareness and expansion of consciousness. After a short moment, you can swap and repeat these stages. After you both have smelled, tasted and touched, you can sit in front of each other and consciously watch each other – awakening the sense of sight. In the end you can focus on the sense of hearing – press play for music.


Focus on being fully present with each sense distinctly and let it open you to greater aliveness. Take few minutes of silent awareness in the end. Afterwards you can share with each other what you experienced.

List of examples things to prepare

for the senses.







(choose 3-4 from the list)


  • Essential oils of your choice (for ex peppermint, ylang-ylang, jasmin – can be smelled directly from bottle)

  • Incencestick (without litting it, just smell the dry incence)

  • Perfume that you like

  • Scents of fresh fruits or nice smelling flowers

Be aware of the sense of smell, allowing it to guide you into deeper presence.







(choose around 5, prepare a set of 2 for each of you and its enough with 1-2 bites/taste)

  • Chocolate piece (preferably organic)

  • Strawberry, raspberry or other nice berry

  • Ginger pieces cut small

  • Lemon pieces

  • Honey (you can feed with fingers)

  • Bitter salad leaves (for ex rucola)

  • Other tasty things of your choice

The point is to activate the sense of taste with different flavors, as you eat them keep the eyes closed and become present in the experience of tasting




Open your eyes and look at eachother in silence. Contemplate eachothers shapes, contours, skin, colours and the light in the room. Look upon eachother with attention and adoration. Be aware of the awakening of the sense of sight.






Close your eyes and simultaneously caress gently eachothers palms, hands and arms. Vary from gentle slow caresses with fingertips to slow squeezes. You can also then touch eachother with a soft feather on the face in turn.

Be aware of the awakening of the sense of touch





Press play for the sound, listen to the sounds in the music with greatest attention, allowing yourself to be nourished with the sense of hearing.


In the end become aware of your senses more awakened and feeling more present in connection to one another. <3

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